Meet the Trainer

Rayne McGirr

Founder | Head Trainer

Rayne is the founder and Head Trainer of Focused Fido Training. She harbors an amazing passion for working with animals. Her journey began 7 years ago when she followed in the footsteps of a family member to become a dog trainer. Since then, she has cultivated her skills and earned several certificates in regards to her field. Her need for personal knowledge and growth combined with the love and care she shows each of her clients makes her an excellent trainer and educator.

Rayne grew up in North Texas and shares a love for Nature, Animals, and Education. On her days off you can find her hiking in the woods or taking her dogs for a run. She currently lives with her long-term partner, Christopher, and their two dogs, Soda (Border Collie mix) and Kodi(Cocker Spaniel). Rayne and Chris both share a love for the outdoors and exercise and are always going on fun adventures with their doggos or participating in a marathon or two. Rayne brings an understanding and optimistic attitude to every situation which leads to her being loved by animals and humans alike.

Rayne is incredible! I have a year old German Shepherd who was absolutely petrified of cars. This meant no walks, no trips to the park, nothing. I could not even get her out the front door of the house without her having a full blown panic attack. After training with Rayne, I can walk my dog down the street, she looks forward to going on walks, and has a lot more confidence when going new places – it’s amazing!! Rayne is so patient with my pup, she changes lessons to make it unique for what my dog needs, and she has taught me how to continue training my dog! Could not recommend more!!!!!!

-Ryyan H